What’s the first impression you want people to have of your organization? What’s the first thing you want people to hear when they find you?

Often the visual aspect of marketing is the first place people turn — forgetting just how important sound is in the way we experience the world. We want to help you solidify your brand experience by creating immersive and engaging songs that help people remember you. Music transcends language and anchors in emotions. Let us help you create something truly lasting.



Do you like something you hear in our catalog of music? License it for a single application use. Perfect for someone who needs a song for a commercial, background music or film.


Infinite Echo

Just like the Echo solution but you can use the song for any application you have for as long as you need the song.



Work with us to create a custom one-minute song tailored to your specific needs. We will assemble a team of musicians to create a track unique and special to your organization.


Echo Finch

Create, mix, and master an entire song from start to finish. We understand that you built your business from the ground up. Allow us to do the same with your music. We want to partner with you to deliver the ultimate marketing tool — music that encapsulates what your brand delivers.